Flying lessons

There is no pity in fate,

When a moment of time slips by and you

Were not watching, did not anticipate

Now nothing can make you understand

Why it had to be so.

Sleep tonight and let betrayal go…

Did you betray yourself?

Run to fast and far with childish glee

In an effort to be free.

Did you protest under the weight of the burden and

Wonder why you carried it?

When you felt destiny pushing at your back

Urging you up over the cliff

To catch the lift of the updraft

Into the ocean of raw emotion

That makes you scream and laugh

You can’t disassociate life from dreams.

Let no trouble harm you

Be calm in all seasons.

It is a supreme act of will and reason

That calls for a detachment only the gods bestow

Yet we still beg please don’t let it be so.


Mountain time

This place summons time to my mind because,

In a sense this place is timeless.

The world could pass you by and you would not know it.

Sunlight is transposed into heavy rain,

Then in a few days the sun shines again.

One moment melts into another,

Time treads by on soft feet.

It is a good place to retreat and find release.

In this place time has slowed,

Plans and decisions can grow over days

I am not shunted or shuffled

Here I can be stationary and gaze at the sky

Without asking why I am pausing to do so.


Time like dominoes

Time was when I measured yesterday against today,

The line of dominoes tumbles forwards, tumbles backwards.

Am I the one left standing and facing each way?

The past is reinvented with the knowledge of the present

The future is projected through those same ideas

But chance is flicking and clicking

One ebony rectangle against another

So time seems to reverberate with sound

Fading into silence.

Image is replaced with image

Particles rearranging

Things changed and changing

So that nothing is the same

From one moment to another.

The matter and the nature of the world

Are not diminished!

So life reaches ever on towards complexity

Or decays into simplicity

In the natural cycles of evolution, birth and death.

What animates me will tomorrow feed the trees

Don’t burn this body

I wish to be absorbed by earth and water.

If I die young and healthy

Take any useful part of me and pass it on.

In matter and energy lie immortality.

It is strange to think of spirits

Existing once set free,

For in what context do they exist?

How sense their element?

I don’t reject the flesh as the baser half

It is fully immersed in the experience of being.

Stranger still the separation of emotions and logic

Where then is your humanity?

This is no poem!

Not in any structured sense

Just the ripple of changing words

That measure out this moment of conscious existence.


Fear of the Future

Fear numbing my fingers

Lingers as it stiffens my joints.

No I won’t

Hold up the pillars of this mountain.

Fear tainting and twisting inside me

Laying siege to my limbs

So that I can not begin.

Far reaching and fast flowing

Time measured in hours in days

Lies cut in swathes

Behind me and before me

Grows in a forest of grass.

This is my Citadel, my fortress,

Which ripples with the wind.

I am longing with the core of my marrow

To take wings and fly away from tomorrow

Backwards or sideways

Rising above the fields of time

Until a birds eye view

Makes nothing seem new and,

I no longer fear beginnings and endings.


I try to weave patterns into my life,

To texture the cloth with a steady design

But it shimmers with silken illusions.


I say this is why, no wait this is  why,

The weave went this way

I thread some colourful yarns.


I try to control the weft and the warp,

To believe in continuity,

In cycles and changes.


I say here is the beginning, no here is the beginning

Or is it the end?

I sometimes loose the thread.


I imagine that life is a tapestry

In which I must be

The flaw the artist left.


Each time I chase it

Or try to unmake it

I find myself falling back into my mind.


I say now is the time

But I stop and I wait

As life unravels around me.

Onwards Ho!


We all have potential.

We all make our choices,

Guided by the voices of those we love.

I feel the potential like a burgeoning river,

I quiver like a hound that has scented the trail

But sometimes I fail and rail against fate.

Then I have to remember that there is always a choice,

I curl up and cry for a while,

Then get back on my horse.

Onwards ho!

Let the past go, I just want you to know

That these things are possible.


Little Star

My little star you can be just what you are

When you were dreaming in the night sky 

When you had no eyes

You were just yourself and nothing else

But having chosen to be human

You will find yourself being extruded through form

Choosing one sex or another

You will be a sister or brother 

Or perhaps something other

Someone who is in between

Who dreams of freedom 

And remains just what they are

If you are very lucky you will be met with love

You will know yourself as good 

In every part of your being 

If this is not so then you will have to grow

Larger than the fears you know

I hope it will be so

Song to the Weaver

Weaver, weaver lovely weaver

Mistress of the web of fate 

Come and catch my missing threads 

And weave them in before its late

Weaver, weaver dancing woman

Turner of the wheel of time

Weaver, weaver dancing woman 

Come and bring me what is mine
High above and deep below 

The dancing threads of fate may flow

Weaver, weaver lovely woman

Come and make this sweet fate so.

Small gifts

There are many things in this world that are free

Like a smile, like beauty, like happiness

None of these things you have to wait for

Take a spacious breath and meet each moment

Count your blessings, your health, your youth, your life

And if you have love you are vastly rich

The principal thing we possess is ourselves

All can be taken away but that remains stubborn and tenacious

And as each thing is stripped away you discover what truly matters

Rise each day hopeful for what change may bring

Do not fear life’s stings

Fear and worry they bring you nothing

They cost you time and peace of mind.


Sometimes I am like a waterfall trying to be human
Vision after vision pouring through me
The edge over which inspiration slips into being
It is overwhelming this feeling
The big dream is dreaming me
And I am dreaming it
I sit on that edge dangling one foot in the human world and one into Faery
It’s hard to remember I am human sometimes
That I don’t have gossamer wings with which to fly
I need you to catch my foot and pull me down to earth
And say don’t you remember what it is to be here

Power to choose

My parent’s myths, this country’s myth

I remove the mask of this

You shall no-longer hold me

Nor own my heart and mind

Instead I find the rising voice

Of freedom and of choice

To choose who I love

To choose what I do

To know that these things are true

I am worthy and you are too

The earth is sacred

And it matters what we choose

I can choose to be free

In what I believe

I break the final curse

The story of the death of the world

We do not have to be tragic heroes

We do not need an apocalypse to start from zero

I want to believe in us again

That we can choose what is right and sane

So cast off those shackles those stories and myths

I promise there is more than this

Choose your adventure, write your own tale

Prepare your ship and sail

A little mystery

Little flower how do I make you unfold
When your petals are so tightly closed
I have tried angry words, I have tried showers of tears
Now I think I’ll just sit here and be like the light of a gentle sun
And maybe if I am patient
You will want to disclose
And I hope it will be so
For I imagine you are very beautiful
Although you are not very bold

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